Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aviation Critic & Enthusiast- Cleared For Takeoff !!

Hello Aviation Fans- welcome to the Aviation Critic & Enthusiast blog.

This blog has been inspired by the fine work of Stan Blankenship (Eclipse Aviation Critic) and Shane Price (Eclipse Aviation Critic- Next Generation).

I'm sure you enjoyed those blogs as much as I did- great journalism by our hosts there, and excellent commentary and analysis by the readership.

This blog is launched with the humble objectives of :

1) Continuing to observe and report the zany antics of Eclipse Aviation Corporation, et al.,
2) Expanding coverage to include the zany antics of other proponents of "disruptive developments" in aviation, which "fly" counter to conventional wisdom,
3) To re-examine conventional wisdom when the challenge arises (and sometimes, when it doesn't).

Towards that end, I feel it prudent to include in our discussions both the technical, and economic, factors- it would seem (particularly from our observations of Eclipse) that both items are critical to the successful deployment of new ideas.

(But, we are here to solve all of aviation's ills first, then those of the global economy- so I would patiently ask that we keep that in mind least we digress too far- although some here really ARE well prepared to tackle both- while others of us merely THINK we are :)

In keeping with the spirit of polite respect established by our esteemed predecessor blogs, I would ask that all participants engage with good will, and good humor; this is a blog about having fun and learning things, not about shouting the loudest.

I fully expect the blog to evolve as we feel our way along in the Post-VLJ Revolution (and Post-Spin !!) Period. Comments and suggestions for blog organization and discussion topics are welcome;

So, welcome once again- and Blog On !!